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Food Intolerance Test: Check First to Enjoy Favorite Meals

Who has ever had chronic headaches, migraines, nasal congestion, chronic hives of unknown cause, diarrhea, constipation or colic after a meal? Sometimes, the symptoms don't show up right away, but, did you know that these symptoms may come from food intolerance. Today, Muang Thai Smile Club is here to talk about food intolerance test for you to check first to enjoy your favorite meals better. We are also here with privileges provided at the end of the article for Muang Thai Smile Club members!

• How food intolerance is different from food allergy?

           Food allergy is a symptom that occurs immediately after exposure to an allergen while food intolerance occurs after eating the same type of food repeatedly until the body's immune system recognizes that the food is foreign. Symptoms appear differently for each person, and the symptoms will not show immediately. This usually occurs several days after eating the food you are allergic to, making it difficult to notice and impossible to identify the type of food that you are allergic to.

• How does IgG4 Food Intolerance affect health?

Food intolerance varies, and it is chronic but not severe. However, if you continue to consume the allergen, it will result in chronic problems, weak immune system, including negative effects on health, such as:

o Chronic headaches, migraines;
o Chronic stuffy nose and runny nose, frequent colds;
o Chronic hives of unknown cause
o Chronic acne
o Diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Crohn's disease
o Constipation, colic, abdominal distension, a lot of gas in the stomach;
o Gaining weight easily;
o Muscle pain;
o Unusual menstrual pain.

• How is food intolerance test good for your health?

           Food intolerance test
is a program to help screen for the intolerance from examining body's reactions with Immunoglobulin G4 in 232 food items. For those interested, you can receive this service at BDMS Wellness Clinic. Special for Muang Thai Smile Club members, redeem 9,000 Smile Points for the food intolerance test (232 food items) and receive advice on proper diet and meal replacement.   

           However, Muang Thai Smile Club see the importance of preventive health care that focuses on screening and care, so we would like to offer special privileges to Muang Thai Smile Club members to redeem accumulated points for the food intolerance test to check first in order to enjoy their favorite meals better. This can help prevent severe allergic reactions and to avoid health problems that may occur in the future. You can redeem accumulated points via MTL Click Application and receive the service at participating hospitals. For more details, click. 


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