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What is HBO Therapy? A New Choice to Restore Your Health

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Nowadays, there are many different forms of health care we can choose to take care of our health that match our lifestyles because each person has different body complexities. Today, Muang Thai Smile Club is here to introduce another way to restore and take care of your health, called HBO therapy, by using hyperbaric oxygen to help restore every system in the body. At the end of this article, we will offer you good promotions as always!

• What is HBO therapy?

            HBO therapy or hyperbaric oxygen therapy is one of the principles of maintaining and restoring all body systems by receiving hyperbaric oxygen into our body parts. The oxygen will repair and stimulate the creation of new capillaries; it can be said that people who receive HBO therapy will be both rehabilitated and cured from a critical illness at the same time.

• Benefits from rehabilitation and health care with HBO therapy

           The highlight of HBO therapy is the restoration of the body systems by receiving hyperbaric oxygen into the body parts. The increased pressure causes the oxygen to dissolve into the plasma which allows it to diffuse into the tissue better; it helps increase small capillaries, heal wounds and repair worn out cells. HBO therapy also helps in delaying aging, strengthening collagen, rejuvenating body, feeling active, reducing fatigue and strengthening nervous system functions.

• Prepare yourself before restoring and taking care of your health with HBO therapy

           After getting to know health care with HBO therapy, the preparation before receiving the therapy is an important thing that should not be overlooked. Those who will undergo HBO therapy must have a physical examination, such as lungs, heart and ears, and they are required to be evaluated by a doctor specializing in underwater medicine, aviation medicine, sports medicine and emergency medicine to give advice on individual treatment guidelines to maximize the benefits from the therapy.   

           Special! For Muang Thai Smile Club members, receive a discount on health check program for HBO therapy to rejuvenate your body with pure oxygen from Paolo Hospital Phahonyothin. The members can receive the privilege via MTL Click Application and present the code to hospital staff at the participating hospital. For more information on the health check program details,   click here 


- HBO therapy, another care and treatment with hyperbaric oxygen from Paolo Hospital Phahonyothin