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Enjoy every moment and live life to the fullest. With our lump sum health insurance,
you're covered when you fall sick.

Live your life to the fullest every day and have fun in every moment. However, everyone faces health risks, whether it’s minor or major diseases, critical illnesses and accidents. Being prepared to handle these situations is crucial. That’s why having health insurance is essential. It not only provides comforting protection when you're unwell but also eases your mind when dealing with medical bills that may follow.

If you haven't planned for health insurance, financial troubles could arise when you fall sick. We never know how much the medical expenses will be or if we can afford them. That's why having lump sum health insurance is a must – a caring companion to support you when you're unwell, allowing you to live life to the fullest, enjoying every moment as you desire.

Lump Sum Health Insurance, Unbeatable Insurance of 2023

Choices of high coverage from 200,000 - 100,000,000 Baht.
Special! Buy now to for tax deduction up to 25,000 Baht.
No need to wonder where to find the best insurance anymore! 

Mao Chai Extra, the insurance that suits all lifestyles.

Small health insurance package with affordable premium that you can choose coverage limit as you wish up to 500,000 Baht(1), taking care of everything from accidents to general diseases, and even critical illnesses like cancer and heart disease. No more worries about medical expenses. Insurable age is 11 to 90 years, ensuring your health is protected until the age of 99.

D Health Plus+ , Health Coverage to Handle All Health Issues

To handle every health issue effectively, you must have D Health Plus, the comprehensive health insurance package. It covers a wide range of conditions, from minor illnesses like office syndrome, high blood pressure or inflammatory bowel disease to more critical illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, and even accidents. With coverage of up to 5 MB(2), including room fee and medical expenses, and affordable premiums, you can enjoy the exceptional health protection even without hospital admission. Insurable age is 11 to 90 years, ensuring your health is cared for until the age of 99.

Elite Health Plus, elevate your confidence with exceptional healthcare

This premium health insurance package, Elite Health Plus, provides coverage of up to 20 - 100 MB per year, taking care of both common and critical illnesses such as cancer, pneumonia, heart disease and kidney disease. It ensures peace of mind in selecting modern treatment technologies tailored for you, including chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy as well as disease diagnosis through CT scans and MRIs. No need for hospital admission, and treatment options are available worldwide(3). Insurable age is 11 to 90 years, with continuous coverage until the age of 99.

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(1) For plan 3, per inpatient hospitalization
(2) In case of choosing the plan with coverage of 5 MB, it is the coverage limit per treatment.
(3) In case of choosing the worldwide coverage area.

- The coverage of the rider must not exceed the coverage period of the life insurance policy that this rider is attached to.
- Standard single room fee means standard single room fee of hospitals in Thailand.
- Premium is eligible for tax deduction. Conditions are as specified by the Revenue Department.
- Underwriting is subject to the Company’s rules.
- Conditions are according to the medical standard and necessity.
- Please study the details of coverage, conditions and exclusions before deciding to purchase insurance.