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Prevent kidney disease by observing these 6 warning signs!

Prevent kidney disease by observing these 6 warning signs!

September 12, 2023

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“If you like salty food, be careful of kidney disease.” This phrase is no longer a joke. From the latest data, 11.6 million Thai people have chronic kidney disease, and more than 100,000 people need dialysis. However, it is also possible for people who don't consume salty food to suffer from kidney disease. Moreover, suffering from chronic kidney disease is difficult as continuous treatments are required for almost the rest of one's life. The treatment expenses are also high. To increase your confidence in living life, you need critical illness insurance for peace of mind about the expenses when sick. Firstly, don’t take it for granted and take care of your health when it’s too late. Let's see what causes kidney disease, whether we can prevent it or not and what are the warning signs of kidney disease we should be careful of to help reduce the risk and avoid kidney disease.

What causes kidney disease?

What causes kidney disease? Find out now to reduce the risk.

For causes or risk factors of kidney disease many people have heard, they are probably from eating behaviors: eating spicy and salty food or taking a lot of medicine. To affirm your understanding, let's look at causes of kidney disease.

  • Underlying diseases causing chronic kidney disease are such as diabetes, high blood pressure, gout, kidney stones and glomerulonephritis. The diseases deteriorate the blood vessels to the kidneys.
  • From the genes of family members with history of kidney disease
  • Misuse and overdose of medicines, such as certain antibiotics and painkillers in the NSAIDS group, can impair kidney functions.
  • From history of glomerulonephritis or medullary cystic disease
  • Consuming spicy, salty, sweet, or very spicy food
  • Age of over 60 years: With age, kidney function decreases.
  • Drinking too little water
  • Not exercising
  • Having stress

6 warning signs of kidney disease

6 warning signs of kidney disease

Being aware of the warning signs of kidney disease early can help reduce the risk and allow the patients to receive treatments in time. So, what are symptoms of kidney disease? Let's find out 6 warning signs of kidney disease.

  • Blood in urine or cloudy urine
  • Foamy urine from egg white protein leaking into the urine
  • Burning sensation when urinating or difficulty urinating and urinating more frequently during the night than usual
  • Swelling after waking up in the face and around the eyes. The legs and feet tend to swell when standing for a long time.
  • Back pain in the lumbar area or the back rib cage which may cause pain in the lower abdomen, thighs or genitals
  • Some people have lost weight, but some may be swollen or gain weight.

Can kidney disease be cured?

Can kidney disease be cured?

People who are at risk of kidney disease worry about whether this disease can be cured because the kidney disease requires continuous treatments that almost take the rest of one's life. For kidney disease patients, acute kidney failure can be completely cured and kidney functions can be restored, but they need to be treated by a doctor in time, not later than 3 months. If you leave it for too long, you may suffer from chronic kidney disease.

Chronic kidney disease cannot be completely cured because the kidney tissue has already been damaged, causing fibrosis in the kidneys. Therefore, treatments can only help delay the kidney deterioration which requires dialysis or kidney transplantation.

Prohibited foods for kidney disease patients

Prohibited foods for kidney disease patients

Kidney disease patients need to be mindful of what they eat. There will be both what they can eat and what they can't eat. The foods that kidney disease patients can eat are egg whites, fish, pork, chicken (no fat), freshly made soymilk, unseasoned rice milk, white rice, vermicelli, thin rice noodles, glass noodles, light-colored vegetables, such as cabbage, Chinese cabbage, squash, long eggplant, green brinjal, bitter melon, morning glory, ginger juice, tea without milk, for examples.

The foods that kidney disease patients should avoid are foods with high phosphorus, egg yolks, fatty meats, beans including cereals, cow's milk products, brown rice, egg noodles, whole wheat bread, dark-colored vegetables, such as kale, broccoli, carrots, spinach, basil, snacks, bakery, drinks containing caffeine and desserts made from egg yolk, such as Thong Yip, Thong Yot and Foi Thong, for examples.

How to prevent kidney disease

How to prevent kidney disease

Even we know that there is almost no cure for kidney disease and all we can do is to receive continuous treatments to delay the kidney deterioration, there are many ways to prevent. Kidney disease has many risk factors close to us, but if you start taking care of yourself from the beginning, it will help you stay away from the disease, for examples:

  • Eat healthy foods, such as fresh vegetables and fruits, foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as nuts and fatty fish. Do not eat red meat and foods high in fat too much. Avoid processed meats, including whole grains, and choose refined grains instead.
  • Drink more water, 6-8 glasses per day. Drinking water helps the systems in your body work smoothly, filters toxins from the blood and expels toxins through the urine. Avoid drinks high in sugar.
    No smoking because smokers tend to be more likely to develop kidney failure than nonsmokers three times.
  • Avoid taking anti-inflammatory pain relievers, especially anti-inflammatory pain relievers that must be taken immediately after meals as they are toxic to the kidneys. Taking the medicine continuously for a long time would accelerate the deterioration of kidney function.
  • Exercise regularly because exercise helps the metabolic process work better, stimulates the elimination of waste accumulated in the blood and controls blood pressure.

take care of yourself before dialysis and after dialysis. We should take care of our health and should have health insurance before getting sick to increase confidence in living life. No worries about treatment expenses when getting sick.

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More information

☑️ Call Tel. 1766, available 24/7.

☑️ Contact life insurance agent or Kasikornbank branches.

*For male insured aged 35 years who chooses coverage for cancer and chronic kidney failure Plan 5 Million Baht with annual premium payment

  • For the medical expense benefit for a cancer and/or chronic kidney failure treatment, the payment will be made for the treatment specified by the Company.
  • Coverage period of the rider must not exceed the coverage period of the life insurance policy that this rider is attached to.    
  • Premium is eligible for tax deduction. Conditions are as specified by the Revenue Department.
  • Underwriting is subject to the Company’s rules.
  • Conditions are as specified by Muang Thai Life Assurance PCL and the Bank.
  • Conditions are according to the medical standard and necessity.
  • Please study the details of coverage, conditions and exclusions before making a decision to purchase insurance.

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