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Muang Thai Smart Linked 15/6 (Global) Campaign

An opportunity for global investment and higher return

Entry age from 30 days - <br>80 years old

Entry age from 30 days -
80 years old

15 year coverage

15 year coverage

Tax deductible

Tax deductible

Office Hours Mon - Fri 8.30am - 8.00pm

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A new 3-in-1 policy offering life coverage, guaranteed cash bonus and upside gain from dividend through GS Momentum Builder® Multi-Asset 5S ER Index regardless of economic situation

(1) Benefit and coverage are in % of the initial sum insured. 
(2) The dividend shall be paid in case the insured is alive upon the contract maturity only.  However, the Company does not guarantee maturity dividend.
(3) Life coverage is equivalent to % of the initial sum insured or cash surrender value at that time (whichever is higher)
(4) It is subject to the Revenue Department.
(5) Underwriting is subject to the Company’s rules.
(6) In case of being alive until contract maturity, the payable benefits will not be lower than the paid premium. 


- Premium of this insurance plan is eligible for personal income tax deduction according to the Notification of the Director-General of the Revenue Department.     
- Muang Thai Smart Linked 15/6 (Global) Campaign is a marketing name of Endowment 615 Participating (Global) insurance plan.

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