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We Take Care of Investment for You.


With quality investment portfolio designed by professional fund managers, suitable for all risk levels.


Professional fund managers adjust portfolios for all situations.

At Ease.

Fund managers help manage investment under the policy of such investment portfolio.

MTL Portfolio Management
MTL Portfolio Management Service is managed by professional fund managers, who construct the portfolios that are suitable with the customer profile. The service includes fund selection, portfolio allocation, performance monitoring, and portfolio adjustment based on the situation.

The service is for the customers who do not have time to manage their investment portfolios, and need someone with expertise and investment experience to keep monitoring their investment portfolios on a regular basis.

What the Customers Get.

  • Investment portfolio management by professional experts
  • At ease with investment portfolio tracking, review, and portfolio adjustment in line with all situations.
  • Various investment policies allowing the customers to select the suitable investment portfolio of their choice.
  • Flexible investment policies with allocation in quality funds from various asset management companies.
  • Convenience, one-time registration for portfolio rebalancing based on current situations.


MTL Portfolio Management Service

Strategic Asset Allocation

Automatic Fund Re-balancing

Investment Portfolio Design

Fund manager of Muang Thai Life Assurance

Fund manager of Muang Thai Life Assurance

Fund manager of Muang Thai Life Assurance/customer

Decision to Switch Funds

Fund manager of Muang Thai Life Assurance



Decision to Change Investment Allocation

Fund manager of Muang Thai Life Assurance


Automatic fund rebalancing based on the customer’s chosen schedule

Request for Portfolio Adjustment Based on Situations

Submit the first request only once

Submit new documents when a change is needed

Submit new documents when a change is needed

Flexibility in Investment Portfolio Management




Suitable for

Customers who need convenience and all-in-one service, but have neither investment experience nor time to monitor investment

Customers who need to invest in a recommended portfolio based on a suitable risk level, and have time to monitor investment

Customers who have investment experience, and want to maintain the investment allocation according to the original purposes

Available Investment Portfolio Policies

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2. Conservative  Click
3. Balanced  Click
4. Advanced  Click
5. Aggressive  Click

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  • Call Tel. 1766 during business days and hours.
  • Contact life insurance agents or branches of Kasikornbank and Land and Houses Bank.

Please study details of coverage, conditions, and risks before making a decision to purchase insurance.


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