Muang Thai Smile Club Card Smile Membership

total premium of all insurance policies
less than
150,000 baht*
  • Muang Thai Smile Secretary

Muang Thai Smile Club Card Platinum Membership

total premium of all insurance policies
150,000 - 299,999 baht*
  • Muang Thai Smile Secretary
  • Birthday gift
  • Muang Thai Reserved Parking

Muang Thai Smile Club Card Prestige Membership

total premium of all insurance policies
at least
300,000 baht*
  • Muang Thai Smile Secretary
  • Birthday gift
  • Health Checkup Privilege
  • Muang Thai Reserved Parking

Terms and Conditions of Use

1. Once the User has registered in the Muang Thai Smile Club by selecting "Accept", it shall be deemed that the User has acknowledged and accepted all of these terms and conditions. In this regard, the Company reserves the right to revise or amend the terms and conditions of use at any time at the Company’s sole and absolute discretion.
2. The Company will collect and use the information provided by the User or made available by the User when using the Muang Thai Smile Club, as well as disclosing the User’s information to third parties as and when necessary. Any processing of the User's information will depend on the types of products or services used. In this regard, the collection, use, disclosure or processing of personal information by the Company shall be made in accordance with the Company's Privacy Policy.

Types of Personal Information

The types of personal information that the Company will collect, use, disclose or process, and the purpose of collecting the User’s personal information, shall follow the Company's Privacy Policy.The personal information shall include: 

  • Information provided to the Company by the User during registration or filling out application forms or other forms to receive or request for services;
  • Information about the User’s transactions on websites or the Application;
  • Information about insurance policy in case the User purchases an insurance policy from the Company;
  • Information collected from service, event participation, Smile Points redemption, photos, videos, as well as videos from participating activities in the course of service;
  • Information from the use of websites and the Application, types of devices that the User uses to access the services (PC, laptop, smartphone and other electronic devices), operating system and platform, IP address (Internet Protocol address to locate the source when the device is connected to the Internet) of terminal equipment or device, location information, information about the services and products that the User views, visits, searches or uses;
  • Information about the User’s social media profile when the User uses social media credentials e.g. Facebook, Twitter, and LINE, to login to or access any services on the Company's websites or the Application such as social media account ID, interests, likes, and friend lists. The User can control the privacy option made available to the User by the social media service provider in social media account setting;
  • The above-mentioned information as changed by the User. 

In addition, the Company may collect the User’s information from other sources or third parties to the extent possible in compliance with applicable laws.


The Company aims to collect, use, process or disclose personal information of the User in accordance with the Company's Privacy Policy, and for the following purposes:

  • To allow the User to use the service on the Company's websites and the Application;
  • To create User’s profile based on the User's account information, the User's use of the Application and the User's insurance policy information (in case the User has purchased and provided information about insurance policies made with the Company);
  • To give Smile Points and allow the User to use and redeem Smile Points in accordance with the Company's terms of service;
  • To provide membership levels to allow the User to receive privileges according to the service conditions of membership level.
  • To allow the User to participate in activities and receive privileges from the Company;
  • To allow the User to receive services and privileges from the Company’s business partners such as hospitals and pharmacies;
  • For the Company's public relations to the extent that it is appropriate and proportionated to the privileges the User receives.

3. The User must keep identification number, password and security code (OTP:One Time Password) (which is hereinafter collectively referred to as “Password”) safe and confidential for the User only. If there is any OTP problem, the User can contact the Company at Tel. 1766, Muang Thai Life Assurance, every day, 24 hours.

4. Accumulated Smile Points are aimed to build customer relations with Muang Thai Smile Club members. The rights to participate in Muang Thai Smile Club activities through redemption of accumulated Smile Points shall be only valid after the Company records and accepts the application form of Muang Thai Smile Club membership.

5. Accumulated Smile Points are only a symbol used for redeeming points, claiming privileges to participate in rewards and campaigns arranged by the Company and by its conditions, or accumulating points to join activities or to receive privileges from partner stores. The privileges are limited and based on terms and conditions specified by the Company. Accumulated Smile Points cannot be converted into cash.

6. Terms and conditions of membership classification,Smile Points accumulation and accumulated pointcalculation shall be subject to the insurance plans and mode of premium payment.The conditions are as specified by the Company.

7. Only effective insurance policies are valid for accumulated Smile Points. The expiry date of accumulated Smile Points is as specified by the Company. For news and updates, please visit, MTL Click Application, or call Tel. 1766 Muang Thai Life Assurance, everyday 24/7.

8. In case the member does not redeem accumulated Smile Points before the points expire, the Company will automatically convert the points into lottery ticket for joining annual Muang Thai Smile activity. Terms and conditions of the lucky draw activity and details of prize shall be announced by the Company from time to time.

9. After the termination of all insurance policies eligible for Muang Thai Smile Club membership, accumulated Smile Points and Muang Thai Smile Club membership shall be immediately terminated.   

10. Documents, letters, and notices that the Company sends to the User according to the address or mobile phone No. or email address given to the Company by the User, the User agrees that the delivery method is correct and duly complete and it shall be regarded that the User acknowledges such information. If the User changes address or mobile phone No. or email address, it is the User’s responsibility to notify the Company about such change immediately.

11.If any action through the services provided by the Company in the Application is done by using the User's identification number and Password and is in accordance with the Company's  methods, terms and conditions, the said action shall be deemed as fully valid, in which case the User shall not be required to sign any further documents, but agrees to be held responsible for the said action as if the User has acted at its own, regardless of whether or not the said action is done by a third party. The Company reserves the right not to take responsibility for any errors caused by such actions or for any damages that may arise therefrom. The User shall not use this as an allegation, a contention, a defense and/or use as an evidence to claim against or sue the Company in any way.

12. The Company has the sole and absolute discretion to terminate and prohibit any eligible User from participating in the services and campaigns with no binding responsibilities, and without having to give a prior notice in whatever circumstances.The Company reserves the right to disqualify any eligible User who does not comply with the terms and conditions of use even if the User is eligible according to the Company’s criteria. 

13. The Company realizes the importance of and gives priority to the security of the User's information. The Company agrees to adhere to and complies with the legislation regarding the protection of personal information. In this regard, the User has the right to provide or refuse to provide his/her personal data requested by the Company; however, such refusal may limit the User's use of the Company’s services.

I have read and understood the terms and conditions of use fully and thoroughly, I, therefore, accept and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of use in all respects.


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