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Easy and convenient health claim in case of advance payment by simply preparing complete documents and directly submitting documents to the Company

Step 1: Prepare documents

For Outpatients (OPD) and Inpatients (IPD)

  • Injury/Illness Claim Form
  • Original copy of medical expense receipt and medical expense summary

For Daily Compensation

  • Injury/Illness Claim Form
  • Copy of medical expense receipt and Copy of medical expense summary

Step 2: Submit documents

  • Submit the documents by yourself at Customer Service Center of Muang Thai Life Assurance PCL nationwide.
  • Submit via postal mail to Muang Thai Life Assurance PCL, 250, Rachadaphisek Road, Huaykwang, Bangkok, 10310. 

Download Claim Form for Injury/Illness, click

Enjoy the convenient 24-hour fax claim service without advance payment by simply presenting the insured card together with ID card in case of hospitalization as an inpatient due to injury or illness at over 300 network hospitals nationwide (in case of being diagnosed by an attending physician to be hospitalized for at least 6 hours) or medical procedure that does not require hospitalization (subject to the conditions of the rider)

Step 1: Present cards
The insured presents the insured card together with ID card or driving license.

Step 2: Check the rights
The hospital checks your rights of medical treatment with the Company.

Step 3: Hospitalization
The insured is hospitalized according to the physician’s treatment plan.

Step 4: Information submitted to the Company
Upon discharge, the hospital will submit the claim information to the Company.

Step 5: Consideration
The Company will complete the consideration within 30 minutes (for normal claim case only). The consideration of cases with additional details may be longer than 30 minutes.

Step 6: Receive the result via SMS 
The insured will receive the SMS after the Company receives the documents from the hospital, and completes claim consideration.   

1.Please check the effective date of the health or personal accident rider on the insured card as well as coverage and exclusions in the policy.
2.Health rider must not be under the waiting period.  
3.Claim consideration is according to the conditions specified in the policy.
4.In case the insurance premium is overdue, but it is still in the grace period, advance payment is required and you can claim for the payment with the Company further.
5.In case the Company deems that the insured card cannot be used to exercise the right, the insured can submit claim documents to the Company after discharge for further consideration.



Is it true that if I have “pre-existing conditions”, I cannot claim?

It is true. According to the conditions of health riders, those who have the medical record of pre-existing conditions before entering into insurance contracts, but do not declare it, will not receive coverage for such diseases. Therefore, the insured cannot claim for medical expenses.

What does it mean by “Diseases Specified in the Exclusions”

As each insurance contract has its coverage exclusions specified, if the insured has an illness or a cause as specified in the exclusions, the insured cannot make claim. For example, the insurance coverage for hospitalization has an exclusion that the illness must not be caused by self-inflicted injury, aesthetic surgery or AIDs, etc.

What are “Direct Claim” and “Fax Claim”?

Direct claim is the claim method which the insured is required to directly file for compensation for medical expenses with insurance companies. Fax claim is another claim method to facilitate the insured not to pay medical expense in advance (according to the policy coverage) in case of hospitalization in the participating hospitals.

Is “ongoing claim” applicable and how to make it?

It is applicable if it is the medical treatment of the same disease or there is related symptom from the same disease within 90 days counting from the last discharge date, which is considered as the same medical treatment. Therefore, medical expense coverage is counted continuously from the first medical treatment.

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