Everyone has the same amount of time. For an activity you choose to do, you must choose the one you can enjoy better in a way that you can design, whether it is spending time with your family, singing, having a dream job, or exercising. However, no matter how many activities there are, you have to take care of yourself more because future is uncertain. Especially for special people, your family members, you have to take care of them with more coverage. uDesign, unit-linked product from Muang Thai Life Assurance, offers more coverage for your worthier life.

       How good would it be if we could design the joys of life? Plan to make the most of every life span with uDesign, unit-linked product from Muang Thai Life Assurance that will make you design your life to be worthier than ever with more flexible investments.

     If you want to pay the top-up premiums, make partial withdrawal from your account value, or exercise premium holiday, you can easily get them done. When you fall ill, no need to worry about medical expenses.

       The health rider of which premium is fixed throughout the contract period provides coverage for COVID-19, emerging diseases, epidemics, critical illnesses, and general diseases. It also covers your life with long-lasting health care up to the age of 99(3). If you want to make the most of your life, you have to choose whatever that gives you better.


uDesign, Unit-Linked Product

       Future is uncertain. No matter how healthy you are, you must prepare for your loved ones. uDesign designs life and health coverage with level premium throughout the contract period with more coverage, allowing you to better make the most of your life. The product meets all needs in every life stage of yours and your family’s. You can design, adjust, top up, and withdraw to meet your needs, provided with health protection until the age of 99(3).

Get higher sum insured or coverage as preferred while paying the same rate of premium.

Level premium throughout the contract period even with health rider attachment


More flexibility with the right to exercise premium holiday while the coverage is still provided

Flexible policy that allows you to adjust, top up, withdraw, or exercise the right of premium holiday as preferred, meeting all lifestyles you have

It covers your life with long-lasting health care up to the age of 99(3).


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(1) Greater coverage is subjected to age, gender, health, and investment return when compared between Muang Thai Unit-Linked 1 (Regular Premium) and Muang Thai Smart Protection 99/20.
(2) Cost of insurance of the rider is deducted from account value.
(3) When Elite Health Plus Rider or is attached
The coverage will be provided as long as the account value is sufficient to pay the policy expenses.
• Coverage period is subject to premium payment period, investment yield, and partial withdrawal.
• Premium (excluding investment portion) of this insurance plan is eligible for personal income tax deduction according to the Notification of the Director-General of the Revenue Department on Income Tax No. 172 and 383.
• Volatile investment market, premium holiday, and partial investment withdrawal might lower entitled benefits and coverage.
• Coverage conditions are as stated in the insurance policy.
• uDesign Campaign is a marketing name of Muang Thai Unit-Linked Campaign.
• The conditions are in accordance with medical practice guidelines for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of infections in hospitals in case of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) infection as announced on 2 November 2021 and guidelines for health care workers in providing advice to and home isolation service for COVID-19 patients, amended on 4 January 2022, or as referred to the latest notification.
• Conditions are in accordance with medical necessity and medical standard.
• Underwriting is subject to the Company's rules.
• Please study details of coverage, conditions, and risks before making a decision to purchase insurance.

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