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U Design Cover


More Coverage, Worthier Life

Opportunity to invest in global assets

Opportunity to invest in global assets

Additional protection<br>from complications

Additional protection
from complications

Coverage<br>Until 99 years old<sup>(3)</sup>

Until 99 years old(3)

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Everyone has the same amount of time. For an activity you choose to do, you must choose the one you can enjoy better in a way that you can design, whether it is spending time with your family, singing, having a dream job, or exercising. 

Every person's daily time is valuable. The activities chosen should prioritize enjoying life, ideally in a personally designed manner. Whether spending time with family, singing, pursuing a dream career, or exercising, the emphasis should be on enjoyment. Regardless of the volume of activities, self-care should be increased because the future is uncertain. Especially for special individuals like family members, they should be cared for with even greater protection.

uDesign, Investment-linked life insurance from Muang Thai Life Assurance, offering greater protection, enables you to live a more fulfilling life.


  Imagine designing your own happiness throughout life, ensuring each stage is maximally fulfilling with uDesign, investment-linked life insurance from Muang Thai Life Assurance. With this, you can tailor your life experience to be more fulfilling than ever before. You'll have flexible investment options, allowing you to make top-up premium to increase savings, make partial withdrawal, adjust investment portfolios, or even exercise premium holiday. Plus, you'll have peace of mind during illnesses with comprehensive health coverage that includes COVID-19, emerging diseases, critical illnesses, and general diseases, all covered throughout the coverage period. Protecting and caring for your life and health until age 99(3). To truly make life worthwhile, choose what gives you more.

uDesign, investment-linked life insurance

        The future is uncertain, but being prepared for it is crucial. No matter how healthy you are, preparing for the unexpected is essential for special ones. uDesign designs life and health protection with fixed premiums throughout the contract, providing greater protection and enabling a more fulfilling life. It meets the needs of every stage of your life and your family's. You can design, adjust, increase, or withdraw according to your needs, all while ensuring long-term health care until age 99(3)

You can choose higher sum insured or higher protection according to your preference with the same premium.

If you purchase a health rider to be attached to the policy, the insurance premium remains fixed throughout the contract.

It's more flexible. If you want to exercise the premium holiday, it's easy to do so while still receiving coverage.

The policy is flexible, allowing adjustments, additions, withdrawals, or premium holiday according to your needs. It accommodates every lifestyle you have.

It provides life protection with health coverage until the age 99(3)

This document is for sales purposes only. It is legally reserved not to be reprooduced or modified, partially or wholly. Coverage terms and conditions are specified in the insurance policy issued to the policyholder.

Things to know about unit-linked and universal life insurance

Warning : Please study the details of coverage, conditions and risks before making a decision to purchase insurance. Past performance of the fund is not a guarantee of future results. Investors should study information about mutual funds, especially the investment policy, risks and fund performance disclosed in various sources or should request more information from an investment advisor before making investment decisions. Investors should study information about tax benefits in the investment handbook.

(1) Greater coverage is subjected to age, gender, health, and investment return when compared between Muang Thai Unit-Linked 1 (Regular Premium) and Muang Thai Smart Protection 99/20.
(2) Cost of insurance of the rider is deducted from account value.
(3) When Elite Health Plus Rider or D Health Plus Rider is attached
The coverage will be provided as long as the account value is sufficient to pay the policy expenses.

• Coverage period is subject to premium payment period, investment yield, and partial withdrawal.
• Insurance premiums can be used for tax deduction purposes, subject to the criteria set by the Revenue Department.
• Volatile investment market, premium holiday, and partial investment withdrawal might lower entitled benefits and coverage.
• Coverage conditions are as stated in the insurance policy.
• uDesign Campaign is a marketing name of Muang Thai Unit-Linked Campaign.
• Conditions are in accordance with medical necessity and medical standard.
• Underwriting is subject to the Company's rules.